This Health, Safety and Environmental Plan has been prepared to conduct activities in a manner designed to minimize Occupational HSE risks, protect health and safety of all workers, contractors, customers and the environment in which this project shall be executed.

This plan addresses the ways and means to identify and manage Occupational HSE risks during all phases of any project at Contract Area.

To achieve this all workers, including sub contractors shall actively participate and strive to identify and manage HSE risks with the goal of preventing accidents, injuries and occupational illness, progressively minimizing the environmental impacts.

The success of achieving the Occupational HSE goal is to treat HSE issues at par with all other business objectives.

The Occupational Health, Safety and environmental plan shall be reviewed, amended and updated as circumstances may arise.

This document describes typical day-to-day Contractor-Client interface coordination procedures. In the event of issuing new instruction on any of the specific procedures to be followed for this project, Contractor shall perform its interface coordination functions in accordance with such instructions.   

Whilst recognizing that implementation of this plan is a line responsibility, it requires active participation from all persons involved throughout the organization.

This Occupational HSE Plan applies to this project at (Contract Area)The entire works shall be carried out in a safe and environmentally responsible manner in line with Client/ Consultants requirements and guidelines. The Hitech Safety Institution has a clear curriculum set up for the OHSE Plan course requirements to ensure all are conversant on these aspects to ensure a safe project.

The objective of this plan is to provide a practical, user-friendly system of work, which will ensure safe execution of work without any injury to personnel, damage to property or adverse impact to the environment. The class room training provided by HTIPL shall enhance the delegates competence aspects